Project Summary

‘Generation Y’s Virtual Guide to Skill Development and Personal Branding in Social Media’ is an EU-funded project launched in 2015. The main goal of the given project is to develop and design a virtual guide to employability, skill development and personal branding in social media for Generation Y job seekers. In the long term, different outputs and activities of the project will contribute to the increase in the employability of university graduates in Europe. In addition, the virtual guide will contribute to the modernisation of higher education by using latest technological innovations suitable for learning modules of the Generation Y.
Five parties are collaborating in the given project: Novancia Business School (Paris, France), Sabancı University (Turkey, Istanbul), Abdullah Gül University (Turkey, Kayseri), Universum Communication (Sweden, Stockholm), Türk Kültür Vakfı (Turkey, Istanbul).
Nowadays university graduates are generally well-equipped with various technological expertise, language skills and other practical competences. However, during the process of hiring, along with technical and practical skills, the employers are looking for soft skills such as leadership, effective collaboration and teamwork, and innovation. Although internship placements, employer introductions, and career consultancy services are offered to support students’ transition from academic to professional life, there is still an urgent need to expand career education and define the exact competencies that are needed to get the right job. This is especially relevant for the  generation ‘Y’ students who have different expectations and behavioral styles compared to previous generations.
The main aims of the given project is to increase the employability and participation in the learning process, namely by improving career guidance, counseling, and support services as well as to strengthen the relations between the business sector and the higher education providers and the youth. Finally, to encourage professional development for those who work in the fields of education, training and youth work by improving and renewing the quality and scope of the continuous education and lifelong learning.
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