Transnational Meeting 3 at Türk Kültür Vakfı (İstanbul - TURKEY, September 26, 2016)

Third transnational meeting of Gen Y’s Guide took place in Istanbul on the 26th of September 2016. The partners met at Türk Kültür Vakfı to evaluate the progress of the project and discuss the results of the Intellectual Output 1.


Intellectual Output 1 of the Gen Y’s Guide project constitutes a scientific study and current status analysis of cross-sectoral recruitment and job research trends in Europe. To conduct the given study, three different surveys were designed and distributed to the university students, career centres, and employers. Student Survey was translated into 16 different languages. Career centre Survey and Employer Survey were available solely in English.

The end of the Intellectual Output 1 was set for the end of November 2016. After this date the collected data will be analysed and the project will move on to the Intellectual Output 2 - the publication of the survey results and a cross-sectoral research with employers to identify top employability skills.

The partners also discussed future plans regarding the project as well as set the dates for the upcoming transnational meetings. Next transnational meeting will take place at Novancia Business School in Paris, France at the beginning of December 2016 and will be preceded by the 1st Multiplier event - a seminar entitled Employers: Which soft skills are you looking for in new graduates? 

The partners also discussed the details and set the dates for the Boot Camp scheduled to take place in both Turkey and France in summer 2017. The transnational meeting was followed by a 6-day staff training organised by Sabancı University in Istanbul,Turkey.

Meeting notes from the third transnational meeting are available here.