Kick Off Meeting at Sabanci University (İstanbul, Turkey - December 10-11, 2015)


The Kick Off Meeting of the Gen Y's Guide Project was held between December 10 -11, 2015 in İstanbul, Turkey. All Partners have met in Sabanci University Campus. These two days kick-off meeting marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Please click here to read Kick-Off Meeting Report.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome Speech
  2. Get to know each other
  3. Expected Outcomes of the meeting
  4. Presentations of Partner Institutions 
  5. Presenting the Project “Generation Y’s Virtual Guide to Skill Development and Personal Branding in Social Media”
  6. How to Work Together
  7. First Six Month’s Activities
  8. Project Budget Rules & Payments & Documentation
  9. Quality Management Team & Steering Committee
  10. Evaluation of the Meeting